Is gamification about building games?

No. Although gamification uses principles that are used in games, those are applied within a non-game context to make services, products or management more efficient. Duolingo is not a game – it is a learning app designed to be fun and motivating. Zombies run is not a game – it is a running app that helps you to exercise more often.


I work in a conservative / serious field of business with little room for “fun”. Is gamification still a valid option?

Yes. Gamification first and foremost creates engaging and effective solutions. in first place. It’s about designing meaningful human interactions. Game design mechanics are great at tackling our core drivers. You can use leaderboards to drive competition, use badges for recognition of your achievements, or redesign your onboarding process to make it more efficient. Yes, many of gamified solutions are fun to play, however fun (as an enlightened upbeat tone) is a secondary option, which is , nice to have option.


Is gamification only for digital solutions?

No. Gamification is a design approach, independent from any forms or platforms. You can apply game design techniques in creating an offline onboarding process, an offline campaign as well as an online CRM system. In fact, most of our solutions are paper prototypes first and become digital later on, when necessary.


Give me proof that gamification is not just more another hype.

For the past 4 years, we have seen this industry rise, shine and shake. After some possible tential overhype, gamification has found its place among business tools such as Design Thinking, Agile as well as others. To support our claim, you can visit our case studies, or get inspired by the work of others.

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