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What is gamification?

Gamification uses game design, behavioural science and design thinking to create better products, services and companies.

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Project lifecycle

How we build engaging solutions?

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First meeting

Tell us about your challenge. We are eager to learn about you and your goals, to ensure that our solution is tailored to your needs. A great way to start is to fill in our design brief and meet us over coffee.


A deep dive-in

Based on your input, we’ll run several workshops using design thinking methodology to look at your challenge from every possible way. As a result, first drafts of gamified solutions are proposed. Digital or offline, we can build whole solutions from scratch.


Design round

Once the concept is outlined, we’ll begin to craft your solution by using the principles of game design and behavioural science. By creating early prototypes, we can easily adjust the design to make sure it suits your needs.



We want you to see and test our solutions as soon as they take a concrete shape, to make sure everything works smoothly.


Launch and support

When you launch your gamification, we’ll be there to watch your back. Our solutions are meant to last, so if any needs arise along the way, we’ll be on hand to help you.

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