My perception of games has changed, and I have been thinking of ways to implement gamification into campaigns, propagation, or employee development. I am enjoying this new way of looking at things very much – as a rookie and psychologist as well. Thank you for this lead-off!

Ivana Jurkovičová,
Coordinator of mentoring and volunteers,
HESTIA – centrum pro dobrovolnictví, z. ú.

The workshop was a fun hands-on experience in learning about an innovative approach to engaging employees in company initiatives. I highly recommend it.
Nina Javilak, Regional Internal Communications Lead, Accenture
Luducrafts have thought this educational workshop through well, it was well prepared and we’ve learned not only what we needed, but what we did not know that exists too.
Klaudius Šilhár, President of AIVD
The specific examples from the field inspired me in my work and I can use them either directly, or as a tool to bring me to solutions. I have experienced a number of workshops on gamification, but the one with luducrafts was the most beneficial, besides other things thanks to the clear and sophisticated presentation.
Simona Sýkorová, Corporate Communication Advisor
In my career, I have been to many workshops that promised a new way of thinking about business developments, but it was only in luducrafts, that my expectations were met. They have shown me a new way of thinking, inspired many new and original ideas and besides the indisputable profit to the company, I’ve learned of a new concept that intrigues me!
Hana Blažková, Head of human resources, Wikov
The Association for Internal Communications is very pleased, that also by cooperation with Luducrafts, we can bring originality into solutions for the internal communication of Slovak businesses.
Martin Grach, Professional Board AICO, Consultant, PMP Consulting
Workshop ‘Gamification in internal communication’ was that exact type of educational activity, that balances theory, case studies and teamwork well. Originality, specificity, new knowledge and creative and meaningful solutions are guaranteed, but the most important contribution is that the participants leave with an innovative solution to a specific problem.
Karol Wicklein, HRcomm

Learn by doing

Our hands-on workshop consists of:

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A unique board game

Our very own board game for 3-5 people per team.  You will explore game mechanics, how to use them to solve real life challenges and unlock the treasure chest of game design thinking.


Hands-on excercise

You will be directly involved by experimenting with various gamification tools. Understand the benefits and pitfalls through the series of challenges which await you on our board.


Get the theory, drill the practice

We won’t leave you unprepared for our game. The gamification crash course 101 is part of the package – everything you need in order to start your own design journey.


Tailored to your needs

Do you want a workshop focused on your specific challenge or audience? We’re in! Book us and we will adjust the curriculum and game experience to your needs.

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Case studies

See how others are succeeding

Gamification can create many different solutions. Together with our clients, we have brought several forms and ideas to life.